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		  GUITARRISTA DE LA SEMANA - Francisco Javier Jáuregui

Esta  semana se escuchará en la música en espera el CD de Francisco Javier Jáuregui (guitarra) y Gudrún Ólafsdóttir (mezzo-soprano) “English and Scottish Romantic Songs for voice and guitar”. Contiene las siguientes obras:

Canciones inglesas:
  1. J. Augustine Wade, Meet me by moonlight
  2. Alexander Lee, When the dew is on the grass
  3. Sir Henry Bishop, My heart and lute
  4. T. Heynes Bayly, Long, long ago
  5. Alexander Lee, Come where the aspens quiver
  6. C. E. Horn, My dark hair'd girl
  7. Michael Kelly, Flora McDonald
  8. John Barnett, My minstrel love
  9. T. Heynes Bayly, Welcome me home
10. N. J. Sporle, Do you think I can forget?
11. M. W. Balfe, The light of other days
12. T. Moore, They tell me thou'rt the favour'd guest
13. P. Verini, Farewell! And never think of me
14. C. E. Horn, Cherry ripe
15. Sir Henry Bishop, Home, sweet home
16. M. W. Balfe, Then you'll remember me
17. Joseph de Pinna, Awake! Awake mine own love
18. Charles Purday, The broken hearts

Canciones escocesas:
19. Matthias von Holst, Ye banks and braes
20. Matthias von Holst, We're a noddin
21. Matthias von Holst, And ye shall walk in silk attire
22. Matthias von Holst, Coming thro' the rye
23. Matthias von Holst, John Anderson, my Joe
24. Matthias von Holst, Auld lang syne
25. Matthias von Holst, Oh my love is like a red red rose
26. Irish traditional (T. Moore), The harp that once thro' Tara's halls


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