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StringMáster  -  MVE50


How much effort has laziness overcome the need to change the strings of your guitar? So many laps and so much time. Many times the result is playing with a dull sound, out of tune. 

Now RC Strings offers you the solution with "RC StringMáster", an electric string winder that allows you to change your strings in a “flash”. 

"RC StringMáster" is a new product of RC Strings. It is multiuse and serves for nylon as well as metal strings, with important benefits for only 49,95 Euros*. In addition to loosening and tightening the strings, quickly and effortlessly, it has an extractor to remove the "pins" in the case of an acoustic guitar and a powerful cutter for steel strings. 

With the "RC StringMáster" of RC Strings you will maintain the maximum response of your guitar comfortably without losing time or tiring your hand. 

RC Strings, "The Voice of Your Guitar"

 * No shipping costs in the European Union


49.95 €

Product Available
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